Dr Eli Goldratt initiated the Odyssey program 15 years ago in a quest to teach critical thinking skills to young adults (originally targeted at children of TOC practitioners) at this important stage in their life. Dr Eli Goldratt is the developer of the Theory of Constraints (TOC), an educator, author, physicist, philosopher, philanthropist, and business leader. But he is, first and foremost, a thinker who provokes others to think.

Over the past three decades, the TOC applications and thinking processes have been successfully applied by thousands of organizations around the globe from within both the private and public sector. The Odyssey Program provided an opportunity to these same powerful insights, applications and thinking processes of TOC to your personal life. For those interested to learn how widely TOC has been applied, just do a search on the World Wide Web on “Theory of Constraints” or “Goldratt” and your specific interest – you will be surprised by the diversity and number of applications and articles TOC is referenced in.

The Odyssey Program was re-introduced and significantly upgraded in 2005 under the leadership of Dr Alan Barnard following requests by Dr Eli Goldratt and especially past Odyssey Alumni to provide an opportunity to everyone that believe they can benefit from the application of TOC to their personal lives.

The new Odyssey Program includes the latest developments within the TOC body of knowledge and takes participants through a step-by-step process using the latest Thinking Process Tools to help participants answer the important questions of why change, what to change, to what to change, how to cause the change and how to measure the change and achieve ongoing improvement in relation to our own life.

The Odyssey program further provides the opportunity to meet people from around the world and be exposed to different cultures and ways of thinking, helping you review your life and provide a new perspective on your choices. Alumni friendships from around the world have proven to remain long after the Odyssey Program is concluded.

Over the years, the Odyssey has evolved to impact a greater audience that the original target market. Attendees of all ages, backgrounds, and nationalities, find the Odyssey helps them find a way to achieve more of their goal. Participants find connections to each other even with a diverse background. A 65 year old may face the same challenge as an 18 year old. Someone from India may be dealing with the exact same concerns or conflcts in their life as someone from Germany.

Quotes From past Odyssey Attendees

“I really had the time of my life at the Odyssey. Didn’t think that you could have fun, learn powerful techniques to remove conflicts and constraints and apply what you’ve learned all at the same time and in just 5 days. You really helped me realize how much potential I have and what is possible; if I simply follow the plan I developed. Can’t wait to return next year as an Alumnus to continue my Odyssey journey, Thanks again for everything”

“Odyssey definitely impacted my life forever. It has changed my way of thinking in such a positive way. I would highly recommend Odyssey and look forward to coming back.”

“I spoke to my daughter today. She said you guys were “an inspiration” for her, funny, approachable, fun. She said she had such a great week, and I am so glad she was able to learn from you and with you”

“Let’s see what I learned at the Odyssey course? I learned how to solve my problems while aligning emotion and logic – how to step back from the conflict and find ways to solve it in a way that there are no winner-loser solutions, only win-win answers…”

Each year, the feedback from Odyssey participants is inspiring. Attendees say it was a life changing experience. You will focus your analysis on your own life while experiencing also how to apply the same tools and thinking processes to help other attendees from around the world with their analysis on how to achieve an ambitious life goal or make an important decision or simply to explore what blocks them for achieving better health, wealth and happiness. Past attendees report that it is always fascinating to see through such sharing, that the world really is “flat” after all – that we all experience similar life challenges – no matter where we are from or how far down the journey of life you are. Attendees also report that the friendships established during the program is sustained long after the program is completed as attendees provide ongoing support to each other to help overcome the practical implementation obstacles and distractions we face when we return to our daily routines.

This year, attendees of the Freshman Course will have the incredible opportunity to interact with Dr Eli Goldratt on the last day of the program. Dr. Goldratt will spend an afternoon with the Freshman and three full days with the Alumni.

The Alumni Course immediately follows the Freshman Course. During the Alumni Course, the subject matter Dr. Goldratt focuses on always challenges the Alumni Group to do something they previously considered impossible.

Our experience is that every year, many Odyssey Alumni continue to invest in their personal development by attending the Alumni as each Alumni program provides the incredible opportunity to interact with one of the world’s most forward thinkers to stretch your mind and imagination and to share this experience with like-minded individuals from all around the globe.